I’ve paid in advance, do I get a refund if we miss a event?

Due to hiring charges and costs of materials, I’m afraid we can’t offer a refund. Refunds will be issued if sessions are canceled by First Senses due to unforeseen circumstances (unfortunately this does not include adverse weather conditions that prevent members from traveling to the sessions) and make up sessions are not possible.

What are the maximum sizes of groups?

First Senses sessions can accommodate up to 40 children comfortably depending on the size of the venue which is being used. Our class sizes do vary from venue to venue and to ensure health and safety of our members, Your child remains your responsibility whilst at First Senses classes.

What should we wear?

It is advisable that both you and your child wear clothes that you won’t mind getting messy. Please bring a change of clothes for your child to go home warm and dry. Please bring a towel to dry off with and a plastic bag to take wet clothes home in.

My child has never really enjoyed messy play at home, how can First Senses help?

As part of a group, it is naturally a more social experience which leaves more cautious children more willing to explore. It is perfectly normal for some to be a little unsure of certain textures, but with encouragement and involvement from their parents/carers, this is enough to fill them with confidence and get fully involved. Messy play can be split into 3 stages (dry, soft and wet), each of which are represented each session and explored at the child’s own pace – instilling confidence to explore the next stages.