5 Reasons why you should attend a First Senses Baby Massage Course

Once your baby has arrived and you’re settled (well as can be expected) you may decide you want to attend a class with your new baby. Look no further than baby massage. It has so many benefits for babies, small babies too which will last right through their childhood. You’re thinking baby massage? What is baby massage?

Baby massage is a 4 week program which uses a series of strokes, gentle movements and holds to provide your baby with a full body massage. There are so many benefits for baby but also for you as a caregiver and is a great way to bond with your new baby. Touch is powerful and is a powerful tool which can be used with babies to support many ailments. Baby massage enables communication and connection through nurturing touch – benefiting the psychological and physiological development of baby.

1.) Quality Time – our classes allow you to spend one on one time with your baby uninterrupted for one hour allows you to focus all your energy solely on your baby.

2.) Relief from ailments – Did you know massage can have many benefits for not only you but your baby. For example massage can support with troubles such as wind, colic and constipation. Also support with congestion and teething pain.

3.) Bonding and attachment – It takes time for all parents to learn how their baby communicates. Touch is the first form of communication and  it allows parents to understand their babies wants, needs, likes and dislikes. The early stages of parenting can be the most challenging and lonely.  Getting out of the house and attending  class can make all the difference to some parents and often be the thing needed to break the cycle of depression. Oxytocin the hormone which is produced when massaging babies, benefits both baby and parent and those near by, helping everyone to feel calm and relaxed.

4.) Social – Our classes provide families with the chance to meet other parents and share experiences of parenting with babies of a similar age, in a safe non-judgmental environment. A great way to make new friends.

5.) Supports children’s learning and development – Massaging your baby strengthens and tones their muscles. Baby massage is a great way to support babies to reach their developmental milestones by building muscle strength so they can learn to roll over, sit up and crawl. Also massage helps aid baby’s early communication. Through the introduction of songs and rhymes we are able to enhance the experience for babies. Singing stimulates babies early language development, aiding communication between baby and parent and being part of a group helps babies to develop their social skills.

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