Benefits of Baby Yoga

What is baby yoga?

Baby yoga is not yoga in the traditional sense it uses various poses to promote baby’s development as well as their health and wellbeing. Just like baby massage there are many benefits to attending a baby yoga class for parents and their baby’s.

Postures/poisitions – The postures and positions used in baby yoga provide babies with flexibility, beneficial stretching which can improve muscle tone and co ordination. Postures can also help to promote postural control and body awareness.

Promotes tummy time – In baby yoga the use of active play in the form of swings and dips help to develop baby’s prospective and vestibular system.

Songs and Rhymes – Music is used during classes and these help to develop baby’s sense of rhythm and promote language development and communication between caregiver and baby.

Touch – Helps to create a happy secure trusting relationship between mother and baby and can help in bonding. The release of endorphins in both mother and baby’s body can help to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

Relaxation – This is a benefit for both parent and baby. At the end of the class is important that parents can relax and so that their baby can learn that there are times to simply relax and unwind. A relaxed parent helps to make a relaxed baby.

Socialisation – By playing together through baby yoga both parent and baby can spend quality time improving their emotional/mental and physical state whilst having fun, relaxing and meeting other parents. Our sessions are fun and friendly and we always love to encourage conversation.

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At baby yoga we also practice baby massage