Bug Bears

I just wanted to reinforce the point to prospective parents when selecting their baby massage courses to ensure they choose course which are 5 weeks long. Since training over 7 years ago their is a real importance to following the comprehensive programme which we have been trained to deliver. I see some many CIMI’s offering 4 week courses which goes against all the research the IAIM UK Chapter carried out which highlighted the impact of the extra week in terms of their baby’s response to massage. There are so many other importance factors which need to be considered. It’s so surprising to see 4 week courses in the area but actually the importance and main factor is the small baby in all of this and we need to ensure we put them first in all of this. As you can probably tell this is something which I am really passionate about and working with families and their children for over 12 years it is so important we have these children at the forefront of our minds.