Welcome Sarah to the First Senses Team

We thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce Sarah our new Activity Session Leader who will be delivering our classes across the Northern Suburbs. Here’s just a bit of information about her and her background in Child Care.

Hi there, I’m Sarah.
​Born and bred Adelaidian I have over 8 years experience working with children and families within the child care sector. ​​My career journey began in 2009 volunteering at the Tafe SA Elizabeth Playgroup whilst working toward my Certificate III in Children’s services, which I obtained in 2010. I knew then that my passion lay within the early childhood industry and continued on my studies until I graduated with my Diploma of Children’s Service in 2011. ​​I have experience working with children from birth all the way through to kindergarten in various roles and have also participated in and gained my certificate in Brain Development and Neuroscience at The Lady Gowrie Children’s Centre. Throughout my years in the child care sector I developed a strong passion for sensory/messy play and nature play and would often plan many learning experiences around these areas, as I believe these types of play facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to create and investigate, which is essential for learning and development.​

During my time as a Qualified Early Child Care Educator I have also welcomed three beautiful children Aria, Oscar and Eddy. Like many children they also love playing and getting messy. They have helped me experiment with many aspects of messy play and given me plenty of new learning experiences not only as a parent but as an educator too.  Whilst on indefinite leave with my son Eddy  I came across the advertised role for First Senses and just could not believe my luck. The role encompassed everything I loved about working with children and families and fit in perfectly with the work, life, family balance I want to maintain. Crossing my fingers I applied for the role and I guess you can say the rest is history :)​Looking forward to meeting you all​.

5 Reasons why you should join a First Senses Messy Play Class

Have you always wondered why you should come and join one of our messy play classes? We’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons why you should choose First Senses as your messy play experts.

  1. Enhance children’s learning and development All our activities during our sessions are planned in line with children’s developmental milestones and learning in mind. With over 12 years experience of working with children Emma is qualified to ensure our activities aid their learning.
  2. Sociable All our sessions encourage families and children to be social. Our sessions provide a fun, laid back atmosphere to allow children to learn and develop in a unstructured way. They are allowed to explore the materials through their own investigations. You can bring your friends, spend time with your family and meet other new families.
  3. Professional Did we mention our Emma holds a BA in Early Years as well as other relevant Early Childhood qualifications. Emma has held many positions in her career starting in childcare, kindergartens and heading into working with vulnerable families and children. Our sessions ensure children’s learning is nurtured in their own way.
  4. Affordable We aren’t just about making money. Our sessions were developed to be affordable to all families whilst offering high quality learning opportunities.
  5. You don’t have to clean up any of the mess at the end of the session! That’s right you just leave that clean up to us!

Gruffalo Messy Play – June 2017

Magical Mess June 2017

Well what can I say our first messy play session at Glenelg was an absolute blast and well we definitely made a mess! We had lots of activities on offer including unicorn poop, rainbow spaghetti, paint and so much more. I must say it took the longest time ever to clean up! It just shows the memories which were made and the fun that was had. Can I just thank all those who attended I really appreciate all your support and feedback.

Just look at these wonderful pictures….. if you have any please add them to our Facebook page


Are you ready for Magical Mess?

Are you ready for our first upcoming messy play sessions? We will be launching with our first magical mess sessions in June 2017. We are still awaiting the confirmation of dates, times and location but we will know shortly. Just keep following our Facebook page, Instagram page and our website for more information.

Sessions will be bookable online via our website and will cost just $15 for one adult and child and an additional $5 for an extra sibling. Numbers will be limited for these sessions and they are popular so please book your ticket once they are available.

Our sessions are fun, relaxed and inspire creative learning for children 6 months and above. Want to come and enjoy an session with your children getting messy then you’ve come to the right place.

We will be in touch shortly!



So its been a while since I have posted to the blog. Well a lot has happened since then, I have re-branded the business from Infant Massage by Emma to First Senses and we are now living in Adelaide Australia. I just wanted to say a G’day to all my new followers on Facebook and I’m looking forward to continuing the success I had over in the UK.

So things are moving a little slow at the moment, looking forward to all the official documentation coming through and finally getting out and about in the area. Don’t worry though I’ve been busy updating the site, adding content and also contacting local venues so watch this space for our future events.

Keep up to date with all our activities and follow us on Facebook simply search for First Senses Classes. If you’re an Instagramma well you can follow us too @firstsensesclassesadelaide. Its such a long name!

Thanks guys and speak soon.


Baby Week Leeds 2016

In Leeds we are hosting our very own Baby Week which has been created by Lucy Potter who is currently a Family Outreach Worker for a community project in Holbeck and Beeston. I have had the pleasure of knowing Lucy for a long time now as she was one of the Family Outreach Workers I used to manage when I worked for a children’s charity in Leeds.

So where did the idea for baby week come from?

Baby week is an adaptation of the Semana do Bebe in Brazil bringing together a wide range of services to support families in our city, provided by voluntary and statutory organisations.  Baby week will also provide a platform for the recent Best Start plan, a new policy being implemented throughout Leeds. Since October last year there has been a steering group with representatives from Leeds Beckett University, Child Friendly Leeds (Infant Massage by Emma has signed the pledge), Children Centre Services, Health Visitors, Social Workers, and Home -Start making this the first English speaking country to replicate Semana do Bebe.

The week has been designed to actively engage children and families in their own communities raising awareness of a baby’s important growth and development stages; both brain and physical.

Here at Infant Massage by Emma I have had the opportunity to be involved in the week by encouraging parents across the city to come and access my baby massage courses. I also had the opportunity to attend two lectures at Leeds Beckett University by Robin Balbernie in relation to ‘Relationships, Risks and Repair’ & ‘Circuits and Circumstances’. Such an inspiring lecture which demonstrated the important work our Children’s Centres in Leeds. I know I can be a tad biased on this subject (I manage a children’s centre in Leeds) but it really did show the importance of early intervention with infants and how supporting parents in those initial stages can have a significant impact upon a child’s development and their future. Robin reiterated how important it is that we keep our children’s centre to offer those universal services for all to ensure we can identify those families who may require extra support instead of trying to target families which in turn can have the opposite effect (they won’t engage with the service).

Why not check out the Baby Week Leeds 2016 website to see what fun activities are available for you to access.





Infant Massage Awareness Week 2016

So next week in the UK its Infant Massage Awareness Week 2016. I thought it would be a great idea to post some blogs and general posts about baby massage, benefits of attending classes and also there will be some special offers for this week only.

“Baby massage is a long-standing parenting tradition in many cultures, with numerous benefits for both baby and parent. Parents who have attended an IAIM course tell us that some of the many benefits can include:

  • Strengthening the bond with your baby
  • Relaxation for both parent and baby
  • Relief from wind, colic and constipation” (IAIM 2016)

The IAIM programme is one of the most well researched and endorsed programmes here in the UK, accredited by The Royal College of Midwives.

So why not come and join one of my courses and find out for yourselves the many benefits of baby massage.FB_IMG_1473623446113


New Classes at Mumspace Mothercare at Crown Point Shopping Park

sleeping-babyGreat news for Infant Massage by Emma HQ we have just secured a new venue for my baby massage classes at the lovely Mumspace located at Mothercare Crown Point Shopping Park. It’s such a lovely space and great central location to meet with friends who are based all around the city. I can’t wait to get started and meet some lovely new families.

So if you would like to book your place simply book online now via this site :). Its so easy.

Creating a rod for our own back? Infant Crying

It was at the park on Saturday afternoon and came across a new parent out with her 15 week old baby and partner. I overheard a discussion about how her mother had suggested that by instantly picking up her daughter when she cries she was making a rod for her own back. This new mother was in two minds whether this was actually happening and should she pick her up when she cries because she does need something or is telling me something. This poor parent was stuck with what is the right thing to do.

Babies communicate to us through crying, whether that be they need their nappy changing, feeding, in pain etc. As parents we need to be aware of the ways in which are babies are communicating with us and decipher what are their needs? This poor mother had been listening to this advice and felt conflicted. I say you can never cuddle a baby too much but do allow babies that time when they are content to have some time for themselves.

What do we all think?