Creating a rod for our own back? Infant Crying

It was at the park on Saturday afternoon and came across a new parent out with her 15 week old baby and partner. I overheard a discussion about how her mother had suggested that by instantly picking up her daughter when she cries she was making a rod for her own back. This new mother was in two minds whether this was actually happening and should she pick her up when she cries because she does need something or is telling me something. This poor parent was stuck with what is the right thing to do.

Babies communicate to us through crying, whether that be they need their nappy changing, feeding, in pain etc. As parents we need to be aware of the ways in which are babies are communicating with us and decipher what are their needs? This poor mother had been listening to this advice and felt conflicted. I say you can never cuddle a baby too much but do allow babies that time when they are content to have some time for themselves.

What do we all think?

What are the IAIM baby massage classes all about?

Baby massage is a longstanding parenting tradition in many cultures, including Indian and African, and was introduced to the western world during the last 30 years, gaining in popularity in the UK since the late 1990’s. As the name of the IAIM suggests the programme is global and taught world wide. The same 5 week programme is taught all around the world.

The programme was created by our founder Vimala McClure in 1986. Following her experience of working in an orphanage in northern India in 1973, Vimala brought the traditional practice of infant massage to the West. She has since written many books including Infant Massage – a Handbook for Loving Parents.

The IAIM became an internationally established organisation in 1992 with the help of Audrey Downes, a registered nurse and IAIM Instructor, and other dedicated IAIM Instructors, who helped Vimala to begin the Association. The United States held the International Office until 1992, when it was moved to Sweden and the first IAIM Bylaws were introduced.

The programme of training for CIMI’s is quite intense and now undergo four days of training. This combines theory and practical skills of learning the massage strokes on a demonstration doll. The examination process includes observation, journals and a written assessment. Once qualified CIMI’s are able to use the IAIM registered trademark. CIMI’s must also keep up their professional membership with the IAIM which enables them to access further training, study days and access the to the Annual General Assembly. CIMI’s are kept up to date with latest research and share this with our families in our classes.

This is why it is so important for you to research your CIMI’s and they can be found on the IAIM website for their local areas. This will allow you to know who has kept up to their professional memberships.

The IAIM is a special programme which once taught can be used for a long long time.


Children’s Reflexology Programme – Coming Soon

Exciting news here at Infant Massage by Emma. In September I will be attending the Children’s Reflexology Programme and cannot wait to get started. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research and there are lots of benefits to reflexology not only for babies but children too.

“The Children’s Reflexology Programme is a short course of fun workshops where parents, carers and children get together to learn how to use a gentle non-invasive complementary therapy to empower themselves in times of stress and distress throughout childhood and beyond. The course uses a collection of delightful rhymes, pictures and stories to engage children and teach the simple reflexology. The programme is delivered by specially qualified instructors and is supported by high quality materials including the lovely book, The Mouse’s House. There is a special version of the course for parents of children with additional needs”.

Once I have trained courses will be available to book so if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me further.

Bug Bears

I just wanted to reinforce the point to prospective parents when selecting their baby massage courses to ensure they choose course which are 5 weeks long. Since training over 7 years ago their is a real importance to following the comprehensive programme which we have been trained to deliver. I see some many CIMI’s offering 4 week courses which goes against all the research the IAIM UK Chapter carried out which highlighted the impact of the extra week in terms of their baby’s response to massage. There are so many other importance factors which need to be considered. It’s so surprising to see 4 week courses in the area but actually the importance and main factor is the small baby in all of this and we need to ensure we put them first in all of this. As you can probably tell this is something which I am really passionate about and working with families and their children for over 12 years it is so important we have these children at the forefront of our minds.

New Classes Coming to Horsforth Starting in July

Pleased to announce new courses will be delivered at Elev8 Dance in Horsforth starting Friday 29th July between  2-3pm. Places are available to book now via my courses page. Places are limited to 10 so booking is essential. Plus there is no extra charge for twins.

Courses are just £40 and include organic massage oil, manual to support with massaging your baby at home and a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.

A Lovely Review

Received a lovely review yesterday from Maya at The Laila Milly Foundation. I had the honour of delivering a baby massage course to the children and families who attend their centre. I can honestly say I had such a fantastic 5 weeks with the families.

Maya McCormack “I can highly recommend Emma for baby/infant massage. She held a course at a children’s centre that I run for children with additional needs & tailored the massages to suit the children’s needs. Emma is really lovely too!”

Thank you so much. This is why I enjoy my work so much knowing what an impact you can make upon families.

Exciting news for May 2016

I received a lovely telephone call yesterday to ask if I would like to be a part of a children’s festival taking place in Leeds at Harewood House in May. I cannot say how delighted I am to asked and have the opportunity to share my experiences and baby massage at this festival. It’s a two day festival and I will be delivering sessions throughout the day across both days. Thinking back a year ago and where I was just starting out delivering sessions to now being asked to be a part of services is truly amazing! I cannot thank all my fabulous families for their support over the past year and look forward to meeting many more.

If you would like to read more information about the festival please visit their website:

Lovely 5 weeks

As I draw to a close my last 3 courses before the new year I must say they have been lovely small classes. The parents and babies have been great and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone. It really is such a pleasure to be a part of people’s lives especially at such a precious, special time. I would like to wish all my families the best of luck for the future and thank you for choosing Infant Massage by Emma.

Education Coordinator Role for the IAIM

Had a rather lovely day on Saturday attending the International Association of Infant Massage UK Chapter Annual General Meeting. It was lovely to see all the CIMI’s and to be voted onto the board as the new Education Coordinator. This role involves me arranging the events for the CIMI’s across the country and working closely with the organisation and the executive board. Everyone was really lovely!

We even managed a stroke refresher and after 6 years it was good to see that I’m still following those principles from our founder Vimala.

Just a quick blog today as I’m a busy before heading off for the weekend.



The Laila Milly Foundation

I’ve just finished delivering a 5 week massage course at the Laila Milly Foundation and I cannot express the honour it has been working alongside the foundation and their families. Maya and Amanda work so hard and it means so much to have been apart of their day centre.

The Laila Milly Foundation was established by Steve and Maya after sadly loosing their daughter Laila who was born with a rare neurological condition. They offer families care and support in a safe and secure environment at a time when they need it. The centre was established to support families with children with complex health or life limiting conditions up to the age of 5 years.

During the 5 weeks I have met so many incredible families with their children. They were able to enjoy their massage which for many supports their health needs but induce some form of relaxation.

I look forward to working alongside the team again in the future and can’t wait to meet the families again.